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This may sound like an overused phrase, but our customers are our biggest priority. Lots of businesses say this, but I think we back it up. Whether it is Google reviews, Facebook reviews or having a top rank on Better Business Bureau’s website. We receive a lot of positive reviews from our customers, we are a trusted business in Saskatoon, that means a lot to us. So thank you, to those of you who have given Action Plumbing and Heating, kind reviews online or via word of mouth. However, we are not here to toot our own horn as the best Saskatoon plumber, no, we want to serve customers better.

Customer Service

Everyone talks about this, but what does it mean for a Saskatoon plumbing company to have great customer service? Well for us it means when you call us, a real person answers the phone and not just a person, but an Action Plumbing and Heating employee who is knowledgeable in plumbing and heating. If they can’t answer your question (and with over 20 years of experience they probably can), they will find someone who can. After that when one of our teams are on their way to your home they will let you know, so you aren’t waiting around for hours. Then when they arrive they will answer all your questions and explain in detail what they are going to do or needs to be done. To us customer service means you know what we are going to do, there are no surprises and in the end your home is better. Meaning you don’t have to worry, and you and your family can enjoy life.


Education is knowledge and knowledge allows trust to grow. We want to grow trust with our customers. Our field sadly, has some bad apples who give it a bad name. How many times do you feel nervous having a plumber come into your home, not knowing if they will do a good job, or if they will make up charges to suck money out of you? If you don’t know the questions to ask, or basic understanding of plumbing then how do you know you can trust someone! We want to answer your questions and help educate you in all things plumbing and heating. Have a question about furnace repair? Air conditioning? Ask us. You can do so by calling us at 306-244-8248 or on our new Facebook group!

Let’s Talk Plumbing, Saskatchewan!

So this whole post has been building up to talk about our Facebook group. Facebook wants to bring communities closer together, one way they are doing this is Facebook Groups. Groups differ from pages, because they allow anyone to post on there, so you can post on our group anytime you want. We invite you to join the group and post away. Ask us any plumbing or heating question you may have. Are strange things happening to your HVAC unit? Take a picture or video and post it, we’ll get back to you. Our goal here is to offer 21st Century customer service. If you had another plumber over and have a question about something they said, post it and we will answer your question. Please click this link and join our group and help educate Saskatchewan in the world of plumbing!

Vernon Boldick