4 Products to Improve your Home

This week, we want to look at different ways you can improve, and add comfort to your home. Saskatoon sees all kinds of weather, it’s best if your home can be prepared for whatever this province throws at you.

Installing a Humidifier

We live in a very dry climate, an installed home humidifier allows your home to beat the dryness. An installed humidifier will add moisture to your home, equally throughout the whole house. Health wise, humidifiers are great for people with asthma, or who suffer dry throat and nose bleeds. Added humidity in your home also helps fight dry skin, coughs, headaches and other issues caused by lack of moisture. On a financial level they help hardwood floors from cracking, they also add value to your home when you sell. The humid air in your home creates a warmer feeling in your home, allowing you to keep your thermostat down, saving money on your energy bill. Installing a humidifier is a great long term investment and will cost around $500*.

Installing A Sump Pump

If your home is near the river valley, you have had your basement flood after snow melt or rain, you have had sewage back-up, you should get a sump pump installed. Sump pumps, help protect your house from unwanted water that can cause major flooding, damage or mold. They do this by redirecting unwanted water away from your home. Installing a sump pump cost will vary depending on your house, but will still be far less than the cost of water damage should you home flood.

Higher Efficiency Furnace

The job of a furnace is to heat your home, the differences between a regular furnace and a high efficiency are: the high efficiency furnace effectively uses anywhere between 92-98% of the heating efficiency, a regular furnace uses anywhere between 60-80% of the heating efficiency. This means the regular furnace is sending 20% or more of your money directly up the chimney. High efficient furnaces also use more efficient motors, this also means a savings on the electric bill along with the gas bill. Higher efficiency furnaces last longer and are more environmentally friendly. The original install may be expensive, over $3000*, but in the long term you will save your family money. And there are currently rebates offered by SaskEnergy!


Toilets are such a common fixture in our homes that we forget there is a far more sanitary and efficient way to go to the bathroom. It is becoming more popular to make the switch from the regular toilet to a bidet, and no one is looking back. Bidets are a toilet that came from Japan that shoots warm water to clean you instead of using toilet paper, making it a much more civilized and sanitary choice. Bidets cut down on the use of toilet paper, risk of clogged toilets and add to your comfort. Installing a bidet can be anywhere from $500-$1000*.

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*Note: All Prices are estimates and not exact prices