4 Ways to Know If You Can Trust A Plumber

At Action Plumbing and Heating we want to earn your trust, and become your family’s trusted plumber. We already are for many families in the Saskatoon area, whether you decide to go with us or someone else these tips should help you figure out if the Plumber is reliable!

1) The Plumber Is Open

Rather than getting frustrated or upset when you ask questions, the plumber should take time and answer your questions and help you understand what they are doing. It’s your money after all, you are entitled to a thorough explanation about what is being done in your home! There is a lot of moving parts in your house, that our plumbers have been educated to work with and have experience working on. If the plumbing company won't give you the time of day to answer your questions, or uses confusing jargon, then say goodbye.

Our plumbers have been through trade school and on the job training. Our owners only send out qualified people to work on your problems and they are more than happy to explain the process and pricing

2) The Plumber Shows Proof

Whether your air conditioning froze, a water heater stopped working or a tap is leaking, the plumber should show you the issue and talk you through it. They should tell you potential solutions and the pros and cons of each solution. Be wary of the plumber who is just telling you what you want to hear. Are they telling you it is a cheap fix? If it is a cheap fix, can they ensure it won't happen again? Sometimes the inexpensive fix is just a band aid solution.

3) The Plumber Discusses Issues Now Vs. Later

Are they trying to sell you a service you need right now, or is this an upsell? In and of itself there is nothing wrong with a plumber discussing major repairs or telling you what could go wrong if you don’t do the repairs. In fact any good plumber should be telling you about potential issues that may arise. It’s better to know you have to get a new hot water tank next year, than for it to stop working in December! And that is the crux of it, do you need the service now? Or can it wait? A good plumber will tell you honestly.

4) Online Credentials and Reviews

Thanks to Google you can do research before you make the call. Google the business check the reviews, what do past clients say? If the company has bad reviews, does it respond positively to the person who left the review, or are they rude? What do the companies Facebook review and recommendations look like? Are they A+ accredited on Better Business Bureau? Have friends or family had good success with the company?

We are happy to say Action Plumbing and Heating checks off all the boxes! So when you need a plumber, whether you Google Saskatoon plumber or call us directly, we will be there to give you professional and honest service.

”The team at Action Plumbing and Heating has been very helpful with sharing their knowledge and offering their time to make my experience with them unique. I am excited to work with them further in the future!”

Dr. Darren Bailey

As Dr. Bailey kindly said, we are here to help and share our knowledge. If it weren’t for our customers, we wouldn’t be here. You can give us a call at 306-244-8248 or check out what other people say about us:

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