5 Plumbing Tips For Your Home

Use chemical drain cleaners with caution

Yes they are advertised to get that clog out of there, but the downside is they can do harm to your pipes and are often bad for the environment. The main ingredient in most chemical cleaners is hydrochloric acid. While it is eating away at your pipes, it will eat away at the enamel and other finishes in your kitchen or bathroom.

Drains sometimes clog because of a broken pipe or an issue in the sewer line. Before you run to pour a caustic drain cleaner down your drain, try using a plunger.

Know where your main water valve is

Should the day come and your pipes burst, turning off your main water valve will help minimize the damage and save you money.

How to find shut off Valve: typically your house mechanical room will be where you will find this, or you can look in the area near the front of the house closest to the street. Contact your plumber if you need further help.

Be Nice to Your Sink

Don’t dump food down your sink, it will clog it. Don’t dump grease down your sink, it will clog it. And no, turning on hot water doesn’t make it ok to dump grease down your sink. Foods like rice and potatoes, or anything that absorbs water, is especially bad to dump down your sink. Don’t do it.

If it Leaks Fix it

While a minor leak may not seem like a big problem...it is a forewarning of a big problem! Take care of the little leak right away because it will grow into a bigger problem eventually, this is the case 100% of the time. Getting a leak fixed may also save on water bills. you can trust your plumber.

Take it easy on the Taps

It seems logical the tighter you turn off the taps the better. This, however, causes wear and tear on your taps and wears them out faster than if you just turned them off so the water stops flowing. A gentle turn off will add years to your taps life over time. If you need to wrench them tightly shut to stop a leaky faucet...it's time you had a plumber come in.

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