Your Plumbing Questions, Answered.

This week we would like to answer some common questions we get from our customers. Our goal here is to give you more information on why we do what we do, and to be as honest and open as possible with you!

Why is there an Apprentice and a Journeyperson?

First, let’s explore what an apprentice is. An apprentice is someone who is working towards becoming a certified Journeyperson, they need a certain amount of hours worked on the jobsite before they get their certification and become a Journeyperson.

When they come to the jobsite (your house or business), the Journeyperson gives the apprentice on the job training, this is mandated by our governing bodies. It is the apprentice’s right to be educated. And it is a good thing too, because one day they will have their Journeyperson certificate, so you want them to know what they are doing. On the job training covers such bases as: technical skills, customer service skills, troubleshooting skills, proper code installation for plumbing, gas fitting and HVAC, project planning, problem solving and more.

While working, the Journeyperson is teaching the apprentice all of these skills, but the apprentice is also helping the Journeyperson do the job. Two people working on the job gets it done faster than if you just had one Journeyperson come to do the job. It may sound counterintuitive, but often you end up paying less when the apprentice accompanies the Journeyperson. This is because the Journeyperson makes a lot more money than the apprentice. So paying 2 hours for both workers is less than paying 4 hours for just the Journeyperson. Everyone wins here, the apprentice is trained, the Journeyperson is able to get the job done faster, and you pay less money.

Repair vs. Service

We see a lot of confusion between these two terms, so lets define them!

A repair is when we come and fix something that is not working.

A service is preventative maintenance.  

Let’s put these into car terms, a repair is when you get the flat tire fixed, a service is when you get your oil change so that your cars engine can function at its peak. When your A/C breaks and we fix it, that is a repair, when we come and inspect your furnace and make sure it is running at its peak and not drawing extra power costing you more money, that is a service!

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Vernon Boldick