Get Your Home's Plumbing, Summer Ready!

The birds are out waking you up at 4am, snow is gone and summer is right around the corner! Now you need to get your home’s plumbing “Summer Ready!'' Luckily for you a certain Saskatoon Plumber (coughActionPlumbing&Heatingcough) has the perfect guide for you right here:

Washing Machines

Summer generally means dirtier clothes (especially for children), so you want to make sure your washing machine is ready for an increased workload. What you need to do is check the washing machine hoses for cracks, bulges or leaks, if you find any issues, you need to get that fixed right away. Ensure the machine is 4 inches from the wall to avoid the hoses getting kinks.

Check For Leaks

Saskatchewan is known for cold miserable winters where air hurts your face, it can also hurt your plumbing too. Inspect all pipes and faucets for leaks. A fun way to check for leaks in the toilet with your kids is pour some food colouring into the toilet’s tank and see if it leaks into the bowl without flushing. If it does, you should call a plumber to fix it.

If you suspect a water leak in the house, pick a time when no one will be home for an hour or two. Before you leave the house look at the water meter and jot down the number, when you get back if the number is the same you are good. If the number has changed there is a leak somewhere, and you should have a plumber come and find it.

Water Heater

Inspect for signs or rust, leakage or other issues. Look at the hardware to see if there is corrosion. Get a flashlight to look under the base or use your hand to see if you can feel water. These are obvious signs of a leak, and if we catch it now, it will save you $1000’s in damages. Typical tank water heaters should last 10-15 years. If you are going away for a long vacation, be sure to put your water heater on “Vacation Mode”. This will save you money.

Lawn Service

Be cautious turning on the water to your outside tap or lawn service manifolds, ensure that you check both inside and outside for leaks after you restore the water. Sometimes ice has caused damage that will only show once the water has been activated. Once you use the taps or sprinklers, take a walk back to the inside shut off and investigate for water leaks. This simple visual check could save a lot of potential drywall damage!

If you need are experiencing any issues with your homes plumbing and HVAC, give Action Plumbing and Heating a call at 306-244-8248 or book here online. We are proud to serve you and your family!