Your Questions Part 2

In our quest to be Saskatoon’s Plumber of choice we have taken some time to answer your questions. If you have any more questions about plumbing, heating or our business practices please email us at

Water Heaters

We have lots of people ask, how long should their water heaters work? The general rule of thumb for water heaters is they should be lasting 8-12 years.

Who am I talking to?

A lot of questions we get sound something like this: “When I call you will I talk to an actual person”? “Will I just get a call centre half way around the world...or worse, Toronto?”Well I guess it’s time we come clean. No, we have our admin team answering every call, between Larissa and Chrissy, there is 40+ years of customer experience! You are guaranteed that when we answer your phone, you have an expert in the industry answering it. We would give nothing less than the best to you!


Before you ask...YES, yes we are insured. And if you are using a contractor who is not insured, get rid of them! WCB, liability insurance, gas licences, etc. they had better be insured.

We are the experts, who your family can trust! Please message us with any more questions you may have!

Vernon Boldick