Get Your Home's Plumbing Vacation Ready!

Are you planning on taking a holiday soon? If you are let’s talk about what steps you should take to make sure your home’s plumbing and HVAC is vacation ready!


Resolve any leaks you may have now opposed to the day before you leave...or worse leave them and they go from leak to flood while you are gone. Leaks are easy and cheap to fix, do it now before it becomes costly chaos.

Wifi Water Leak Detectors

Consider installing a wifi water leak detector in your home. The detector will notify you via wifi if any leaks pop up in your house. The technology is quite impressive, as soon as water seeps or enters a place in your house, it shouldn’t be, you will get a notification. So if you are in Cuba, you can send someone to your house and fix the issue instead of arrive back home to Niagara Falls.

Set Your Hot Water Tank to  “Vacation Mode”

Go to your hot water heater and turn the knob from Hot to Vacation, this will cut down on your heating bill while you are away. The heater will be doing less work, but do what is needed so your pipes don’t freeze.


If you will be gone for 2 weeks or more, turn your heat or AC down a couple of degrees to save money while you are away. If your thermostat is programmed, you can put it on “HOLD” to cancel this just click “HOLD” again.


Should your fridge have an issue or if the power goes out don’t end up with a big puddle of water on the floor. Empty your ice-maker before you go on vacation.


After you make sure your toilet has no leaks, take time to turn the water that goes to your toilets off. This will avoid having your toilets flood in a worst case scenario.

Main Water Valve

As a good fail safe, turn your main water valve off if you plan to be away for over a week. This will keep any surprise flooding damage to a minimum.


Have a friend or family member do a check in every day to make sure nothing has happened or is going awry.

These are all, in-expensive and non-time consuming practices you can do before you go on vacation, all of which ensure that your home will be just as you left it when you get home. Enjoy your vacation and don’t worry about what could go wrong by taking proactive action. Speaking of Action, call us at 306-244-8248 to fix any leaks you may have! At Action Plumbing and Heating we are the experts your family can trust!

Vernon Boldick