Why Planning A Renovation is Important.

Are you dreaming of a home renovation? If you are, we highly recommend you get started sooner rather than later. While you may think, “I can do it myself” or “it won't take long”, we would really like to give you some food for thought. Home Renovations are an expensive investment, and you want to plan as much as you can ahead of time to keep costs down. Today, Action Plumbing and Heating would like to go over the importance of planning your home renovation out far enough in advance. A minimum of 6-8 weeks before starting.

Ordering Time

Why 6-8 weeks? Depending on what you are ordering, it could take 2 months before it comes in. It is not unheard of for cabinets, toilets or other products to take 2 months to arrive. So if you are thinking, I’ll start tomorrow and you haven’t ordered anything yet, you may have a long wait. Not only that ordering 2 months in advance gives you time to get blueprints and schematics drawn up. 

Plumbing Permits

Are you developing your basement? If so you need to make sure you have a plumbing permit, meaning you need to be a licensed plumbing contractor within Saskatoon, or whichever municipality you are doing the renovations. So if you are thinking you can do it on your own, legally, you need a licensed plumber, like Action Plumbing and Heating. You can learn more about Plumbing Permits in Saskatoon on the cities website. 

The Dance

Renovations mean you are going to have a lot of tradespeople involved and you need to make sure that communication is open. Action can take care of the plumbing and HVAC, exterior renos adjusting and reconnecting hoods and taps for siding/insulation adjustments, but what about the drywall, framing, electrical and flooring etc. There are a lot of moving parts when it comes to renovating your home, so getting all these jobs sorted out 2 months in advance is important. That way, all these tradespeople can communicate before the project starts to make sure they aren’t bumping into each other, giving you a seamless renovation that isn’t hindered by poor planning. Poor planning will always lead to you paying more, so if you hope to have renovations done in the next 6 months, take action now. Give us a call at 306-244-8248. Even if it is just for an initial quote, get the ball rolling, renovations take time.

Action Plumbing and Heating would love to be your chosen Saskatoon Renovation expert for your next project, whether it is a kitchen, bathroom, basement or exterior. We have over 20 years experience doing renovations in Saskatoon and Saskatchewan. We have an A+ rating on Better Business Bureau, and excellent Google and Facebook reviews as well. We strive to be customer focused, and the best Saskatoon Plumber in the city!