Plumbing Questions Part 3

This week, we want to answer some frequently asked questions. Being the Saskatoon plumber, we do get a lot, our goal is to guide you with education so that you can make the best choices for yourself.

Retail Vs Wholesale: Fixtures

Is it better if I supply my own fixtures? Honest answer, no. While retail fixtures are less expensive than wholesale fixtures, there is a notable difference in quality. Retail fixtures, even when the brand is the same as the wholesale the component quality is different. Retail product will contain more plastic parts where the wholesale will integrate more metal or quality parts. The wholesale product will also carry a better warranty, meaning that if there are issues the manufacturer will work with the customer to get it repaired. 

With retail product they will supply parts but it's the homeowners responsibility to have them installed. The other difference is behind the scenes, this refers to the manufacturing, retail product is often manufactured overseas with much less quality control and detail and the wholesale product is manufactured in North America. Don't forget, avoid the throw away society; when you buy quality once you avoid continually replacing and contributing to the landfill.

Should I get my furnace serviced?

Should I service my furnace? Yes, preventative maintenance saves money! Just like you wouldn't drive your car for years without changing the oil, you shouldn't go for years without servicing your furnace (and other HVAC equipment). Many people forget that you HVAC equipment (Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning) and you home plumbing and mechanical are the heart of your home. This is the system that makes you cozy on a winter night, it's that nice long hot shower after a workout or the nice cool breeze in the heatwave of summer. Not to mention running water and flushing toilets!


How much is it going to cost??? This varies based on your job. At Action Plumbing and Heating we do not do flat rate billing; our jobs are estimated and billed based on the individual requirements. This ensures the homeowner with the simple, straightforward job is not being overcharged. We bill by the hour and provide estimates, either in writing or use knowledge from previous jobs to provide the homeowner with verbal estimates over the phone if needed. With any larger job we recommend calling to discuss options to get a quote and for small jobs we can usually provide a verbal estimate over the phone or when the crew arrives on site.

Action Plumbing and Heating has over 20 years plumbing Saskatoon and we want to be the go to choice for all plumbing and heating needs you have. Please give us a call at 306-244-8248 with any questions you have, or book a service here.