What to Consider for Home Renovations

‘Tis the season for remodeling. As tax season passes and returns start to come in, people often decide to do home renovations. Here are some tips and ideas for any remodeling projects you may have, provided by your favourite Saskatoon Plumbers!

Consider Water


Upgrade your galvanized water lines to copper or pex piping as galvanized lines tend to build up with minerals and restricts the flow of water. Or if you notice barnacles on your existing copper lines, these are indications of leaks or the beginning of a leak.


Have a plan as to how your bathroom will vent moisture out of it. Without proper ventilation, your bathroom will become damaged by mold and mildew and you will be spending more money on fixing a problem that never had to be.

Questions before Installing an A/C

What size of AC unit will you need? This will be determined by a few factors, the size of your home, furnace and duct sizing as well as heat/cooling load, this looks at windows, house facing and insulation. If your A/C is too big, it will quickly cool your home, shut off and then turn back on as soon as your house warms up. Too small and it won't cool your home and run continuously.

What ductwork is already in place, what condition are they in, are there any leaks, does it need to be cleaned?

If you are looking at doing any remodeling this spring, we recommend giving us a call at  306-244-8248. We will be happy to discuss your needs and give you professional help and honest prices up front.